ATI - system will provide industrial robots, automated production systems and related services. Welding, handling, palletizing, plastics, die-casting, mould treatment, automation of forging presses, dressing (deburring, deburring), painting - these are typical applications where robotics was introduced 20 years ago, and in the last decade it has penetrated into areas such as solar technology, woodworking and others.
The main objective of introducing robotics is to help manufacturers increase productivity, product quality and worker safety.

Our company specializes in robots from FANUC, ABB and KUKA, offering a wide range from small SCARA models, among the fastest and most reliable in their class

What we can offer you

  • we will analyse the possibility of deploying industrial robots for your operation

  • we will design a robotic workplace according to the specification, including the selection of optimal models

  • we can arrange delivery and assembly of a robotic workstation or the entire production line

  • we program the robots according to the technological specification

  • we connect the robotized workplace(s) to automated production technology

  • we will prepare a complete automation of your production process or part of it

  • optimization and acceleration of the production cycle

  • we can provide maintenance and service

  • we will train your employees

We will also provide you with fast and quality service. The service background consists of a group of electrical engineers knowledgeable in technology control, robot control, drive control, electronics and power electronics.