Computer technology service

  • Finding and replacing defective components

  • PC cleaning from mechanical and software contamination

  • Removal of viruses, spyware and other malware

  • Installing and re-installing Windows, installing missing drivers and basic software

  • Suggestions for upgrading PC, system stability test. Design and commissioning of home, corporate, wireless and wired networks

  • Data backup, network and local storage setup, data rescue. Recommendation and search for the most suitable goods according to your requirements

  • Administration and servicing of servers, domains , Office 365

Design and realization of security systems

  • Design for securing living and outdoor areas

  • Installation, repair , upgrade or re-setting of existing alarms, possibility of connection to PCO or only reporting alarms to the owner

  • Installation and repair of CCTV systems, supporting live monitoring, continuous recording or motion picture recording

Jednatel společnosti
Lubor Chudárek

telefon: +420 608 434 380


Ředitelka společnosti Martina Pavlíková

telefon: +420 774 446 344


Asistentka jednatele
Jana Jindrová

telefon: +420 777 249 605


Správce ICT
Petr Horna

telefon: +420 774 430 901